Congrats to 2017 Cash Raffle Winner: Dr. Paul Stromborg!

2017 MobilePack Results
October 11, 2016

Congrats to 2017 Cash Raffle Winner: Dr. Paul Stromborg!

11/12/2017 : Congratulations to Dr. Paul Stromborg who won the $10,000 Cash Raffle with a ticket he purchased through Sycamore Rotary Club. Dr. Stromborg and his wife Marilyn are long-time residents of Sycamore. The $10,000 cash raffle is a fundraiser that benefits local organizations that sell the tickets and a portion of the proceeds goes towards the ingredients we use at the Make A Difference DKC Mobile Pack event.


Attention Community Organizations!

Do you belong to a club or organization that would like to raise money to achieve their goals?

Your club/organization can sell cash raffle tickets and earn $8 for every ticket your group sells!

How does it work?

Make A Difference DKC $10,000 Cash Raffle Fundraiser makes tickets available to community organizations and clubs to sell. For every $20 ticket a group sells, $12 will go to pay for food for the Make A Difference DKC MobilePack event, and $8 is refunded to your organization/club.

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